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Why Acetone Solvent is better: 

1. Is 'acetone-free' a good thing? New solvents are formulated and marketed as ‘Non-Acetone,’ which makes some people think Acetone is toxic. However, Acetone is ever present in the human body which is a product of fat breakdown. There is no scientific basis that Acetone is more dangerous than alternative solvents. In fact Acetone is one of the safest and most effective solvents.

2. What about the other solvents? Other common solvents raise different concerns. Methyl Acetate, for example, is more dangerous than Acetone if it is accidentally ingested. As for Ethyl Acetate, it works slowly on nail polish (marketed as gentler), so you will be exposed to this very strong smell for even longer period.

3. How safe is Acetone? Acetone is safe to use when you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. When using, stay in well-ventilated area. If you get any of Acetone on your skin, wash it off.

To use: 1. Saturate cotton strip with Essence Remover 2. Press the wet cotton strip firmly onto nail 3. Sit for a minute or two 4. Apply pressure on the nail base and push the cotton strip toward the tip 5. The nail polish should come off easily 6. Repeat above steps if required