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Sponge shape description:

1. Triangle: Also called angle flap, its sharp angle trimming is suitable for the position that needs fine treatment (such as around the eyelid, nasal side, lip angle, etc.), application scene, upper eye makeup, modified eyeliner, clean eyelash liquid. Other shapes are not convenient to handle.

Cosmetic sponge cleaning:

1. Wash the puff at least once a week. Because the puff easily absorbs the oil on the surface of the skin, the puff that absorbs the oil reacts with the air, which makes it difficult to extract the powder, even the bacteria, and reduce the skin's own resistance.

2. before the sponge cleaning, it is best to do the inspection and screening, the texture must be dense to clean, otherwise it will be easy to break after washing. And the number of sponge cleaning can not be too much, it is really dirty old sponge, the internal dirt and dirt can not be completely cleaned, the elasticity is also tired and can not continue to use, it is better to replace the old.

3. Use a professional make-up sponge or neutral soap or cleansing lotion and apply directly to the sponge that has been wetted to create a foam. The skin inside the sponge is thoroughly cleaned out by repeating the palm of your hand.