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  • Mild cool shampoo without stimulation | makes scalp and hair fresh, cool and moist | for itchy / dandruff scalp


- Cerasome DDS, permanent snow, natural water of Sapporo contained to improve hair, provide nourishment and moisture, give a fresh and cool feeling, and soothe scalp

- What is Cerasome DDS? As a combination of 5 active components, it is Mugens’ own enriched substance to intensively care and protect damaged hair.

- ”Permanent snow natural water” of Sapporo which is one of the cleanest regions in Japan containing plenty of minerals keeps scalp and hair moist

- A fresh and cool feeling relieves fatigue and stress, and removes all kinds of waste to make you feel fresh in using.

- Soothes scalp which gets hot and irritated by UV rays in summer time and menthol is contained to make you feel fresh after massage or shampooing.