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It is recommended to such people!! A small amount of dye for dyeing, a skin that is weak and anxious for dyeing, but you can not just leave it! Grooming on the head that hurt the eyes! Easy and simple tapping !! Covers all the time together with the cover of the squeeze! It is a coating material for a new head cover that can be easily and easily produced anywhere. It is useful in everyday life and strong in rain and sweat. It has good spreadability and excellent adhesion, making it easy to produce with natural and easy to cover.

Simple Instructions

  • Do not apply any gel wax on dry hair.
  • Use a brush to sharpen the hair. (When applying to hair, be careful not to get on skin or scalp.)
  • Do not touch the applied area until it is completely dry (about 1 minute -3 minutes). (Please use a hair dryer when drying.)
  • After drying, you can enjoy everyday life such as getting out immediately.
  • Precautions before Use

1. Continuous use should be shampooed for a short period of time because it is not a permanent colouring agent 9 Usefulness It is strong against sweat and water and can be used without worry! You can see.)
2. Please wipe the skin while applying, please wipe. (Be careful to use shoulder beam so as not to get on your clothes.)
3. If you do not set it up, it may contaminate your pillow or bedding.