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Obsidian Cuticle Care Conditioner


580ML | All Hair Types

Hair Conditioner for all hair types, providing elasticity, protection and maintaining a healthy hair.

Main Ingredients

  • Coconut Balm, Natural Mineral Oil, Vitamin E

Product Features

  • A hair-conditioner designed to supply the hair with natural coconut balm and minerals that help restore vitality and health of the hair.
  • The natural multi-silicone conditioning effect of Vitamin E protects the hair from further damages.
  • Soothes rough and damaged hair ends, making it look sleeker and softer. Thus, it becomes easier to blow-dry or comb the hair.

How To Use

  • After shampoo-ing, pump an appropriate amount of conditioner and coat it on hair not touching the scalp for 2 ~ 3 minutes.
  • Gently massage and cleanly rinse off with lukewarm water after

Made In Korea