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Dr. FORHAIR Folligen Easy Swab

Each box contains 10 sachets of Easy Swabs (6ml each)

The Folligen Easy Swab, formulated with the various plant ingredients would remove the dead skin cell and dirt in the pores. This formula gives cooling and refreshing mood and makes the scalp squeaky clean.

Specially formulated with fermented Apple Cider Vine- gar, which has been traditionally used as a natural clean- sing agent and combined plant extracts. Instant & quick solution for dandruff and itchy away and it helps to keep scalp clean and healthy all day.

How to use
  • Part the hair. Apply Easy Swab along the perforated line to remove dandruff. Massage scalp along hairlines.


  • Simple 1-minute scalp shower + power cooling for a refreshing scalp. No rinsing required. Reduces itch with cooling menthol effect while removes grease, dandruff and bad odour.


  • Saccharomyces/Apple- /Sucrose Ferment Filtrate Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil Tilia platyphyllos flower water Morus Alba Fruit Extract