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Obsidian Clean Care Shampoo


1000ML | Oily, Dandruff Scalp

Shampoo specifically treated for oily, dandruff/problematic scalp, providing purifying cleansing for healthy hair.

Main Ingredients

  • Herbal extract

Product Features

  • Removing dead skin cell and preventing itching, suppressing dandruff germ and protect sensitive scalp, deliver cooling effects as well as make your hair healthy. Compound herbal ingredient protects and revitalises the scalp. Herbal ingredients accelerates the blood circulation of scalp, complex herb ingredient such as date, peppermint, Angelina keiskei prevent dandruff and itchiness also protect scalp.

How To Use

  • Soak hair sufficiently with water
  • Pump an appropriate amount of the shampoo and evenly rub it on hair and scalp while doing it in a massaging manner, producing bubbles
  • Then, cleanly rinse the hair thoroughly

Made In Korea