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40 ML each

Moisturizing Care

Pure Japanese botanicals premium extract

  • Purple rice bran (rice bran extract), Apricot oil, Tea blossom extract, Moutan bark extract, Fermented black rice α ( lachancea, fermentation solution of hydrolyzed rice), Rice EX-S (selected ingredients derived from water used to wash rice), Cherry blossom, Camelia, Blackberry lily and soapberry (contains in shampoo).

Damage repair + prevention

  • Moisturizes both hair and scalp. Prevents drying, which causes serious damages such as split ends. Mosturizes and thickens dry hair down to the core. For healthy and manageable hair.


  • Formulated with plant-derived, amino acid based cleansing ingredients* Lauroylsarcosine TEA, TEA cocoyl glutamate

Silicone free

  • Sulfuric acid-based surfactant agents not used.


  • Sulfate free * prescription
  • Sulfuric acid-based surfactant agents not used.

The lightly sweet scent of apricot blended with the elegant aroma of cherry blossoms.