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40 ML each

Smooth Care

  • Pure Japanese botanicals premium extract Purple rice bran (rice bran extract), Red rice extract, Moutan bark extract, Fermented black rice α ( lachancea, fermentation solution of hydrolyzed rice), Rice EX-S (selected ingredients derived from water used to wash rice), Cherry blossom, Camelia, Blackberry lily and Saopberry (shampoo only).

Damage repair + prevention

  • Thoroughly encloses easy-to-peel cuticles, smooths hair surfaces and prevents friction.
  • Smooths even tangled hair down to its ends.Leaves your hair silky and tangle-free. 


  • Formulated with amino acid based cleansing ingredients. * Lauroylsarcosine TEA, TEA cocoyl glutamate * Silicone free * Sulfate free * prescription  * * Sulfuric acid-based surfactant agents not used. Conditioner No sulfate free * prescription * Sulfuic acid-based surfactant agents not used. * The fresh, dainty aroma of wild cherry blooms in bloom.

How to use

  • Shampoo: Wet your hair and apply this product to your hair and lather your hair. Massage scalp with your fingertips then rinse well.  
  • Conditioner: After shampooing, apply the right amount to your hair then rinse well.

Please note:

  • Please discontinue use of this product if it does not agree with your scalp.
  • Please discontinue use of this product if you observe any abnormalities during use. Consult with doctor if necessary.
  • If this product gets into eyes, rinse immediately.
  • Keep this product out of reach of small children.
  • Avoid storing this product in direct sunlight.