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Highest micellar cleansing power ever!
• Bifesta’s new Unique refined Micellar technology uses micelles of the smallest size ever* for the most effective and gentle cleanse. It promises lesser number of wipes, time and force to remove all makeup impurities. in existing Bifesta range
• Incorporating an Advanced Double Impurities-floating function, it quickly blends and lifts off the toughest makeup impurities effortlessly.
Improved gentleness and moisture for skin
• New cleansing ingredients eliminated makeup with no rubbing or tugging on delicate skin, protecting the skin with lesser wipes and friction.
• Coupled with the original formula of cleansing ingredients derived from beauty lotion, this cleanser boosts skin’s hydration while cleansing.
• Free of harsh chemicals, artificial perfumes and dyes, it is gentle for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
Reveals skin clarity with a refreshing feel
• Its enhanced cleansing capability removes dead skin cells during makeup removal to improve skin texture and clarity over time.
• 100% oil-free formulation leaves skin perfectly clean, refreshed and soothed without any greasy or sticky feel
For irresistibly dewy and hydrated skin
• Moisturising absorbent amino acid and hyaluronic acid give excellent hydration and keep skin supple.
Hypoallergenic. Oil-free. Colourant-free. Fragrance-free. Paraben-free. Alcohol-free. Skin patch tested. Allergy tested.