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Geo Sempre Happy & Please skin fit sun block SPF 50pa +++ (50ml)

is a unique sunscreen product that combines skin protection with skin care and whitening. High sun protection index, effectively preventing the effects of harmful rays in the sun causing skin damage, darkening, pigmentation...

At the same time, with rich ingredients, the product will soothe skin when sunburned, providing moisture and improving skin tone, maintaining bright, smooth skin for a long time.

Sunscreen does not drift when exposed to water and sweat, does not cause shine.

Can be used on face and body, can be used under makeup.

The sun is considered the number one "harmful agent" of the skin, causing melasma, tanning. Melanins form strongly when there is a signal of stimulation from UV rays, the color of the skin is due to the synthesis of Melanin in epidermal cells It is these Melanins that form the melanocytes and show the skin color.

Therefore, using sunscreen daily plays an extremely important role in protecting and taking care of the skin. Instructions for use and storage Apply cream 20 minutes before going out and before applying makeup. Can be used for both face and body. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature.

Keep out of reach of children

Brand information: Geo is a famous cosmetic line belonging to Lamy Cosmetics pharmaceutical company from Korea.

Geo means "from nature", so the company only uses natural herbal ingredients to create skin care products suitable for Asian skin.

With many famous brands in Korea and many parts of the world such as Catalina Geo, Geo, Lafine..., Lamy Cosmetics is currently a name that many consumers love to choose and use.

Made in Korea.