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160 ML

Soft, rhythmical rolling and full of fresh lemon... Vegetable face-wash powder absorbs unnecessary dry skin and peels it neatly. This is a peeling gel only for caring dry skin which makes skin moist and greasy after use.

Improvement of turnover function/ Fresh fruit extracts such as lemon, kiwi and orange treat skin impurities, improve the function of turnover, and make skin clean and smooth.
Soft peeling/ Vegetable face-wash power absorbs unnecessary dry skin and peels it like as dirt and dead skin cell are scrubbed off. This makes skin transparent and clear. Effects of fragrant aromatherapy Fresh scent of lemon refreshes and so it gives energy to skin.


  • Please, dry your face with tissue paper after washing it, apply gel evenly on your face except eye rim and mouth, peel waste of skin and dry skin formed by rubbing skin as if a circle is described, and wash residues with tepid water. Please, use the gel approximately 1-2 times according to type of skin.