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50 ML - SPF 50 + / PA ++, For Sensitive Skin Types

A "Dermatologist Tested" Product Hypoallergenic Refreshing Sun Cream Functions Super hypoallergenic UV protection effects

  • Powerful sun protection factor ( SPF ) defends UVA and UVB to prevent skin irritation and photo ageing.
  • Also, calming the irritated skin by containing the Aloe Vera Leaf Extract. High moisturizing care of Nano Ceramide
  • Ceramide, which is a main ingredient of skin barrier, protects skin and inhibits water loss to strengthen the skin barrier to make skin healthy. Completed clinical test of UV block persistence for 8 hours and moisturizing persistence for 4 hours
  • Certified through the clinical test that Daily Sun Cream protects skin from the UV for a long time and maintains moisture to make skin healthy.

Instructions for use:

Apply an appropriate amount to your skin that is easily exposed to ultraviolet rays .