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More people suffer from various problems with their feet these days – dry feet, cracked sole, athlete’s foot, and so on. The skin of the sole is thicker than other areas of skin in the body and thus the old dead skin layers can easily accumulate because of the burden on the skin by the pressure and friction of weight or exercise. Baby Foot series is the easy and effective foot care with a long history since 1997. It is invented to keep soft, clean and smooth barefoot and solve foot problems. With simple use, all dead skin layers peel off by natural turnover. Baby Foot is being continuously redeveloped to make it more comfortable and effective to use based on various researches as time progresses, thus it’s gained the world recognition in over 50 countries now. After taking all dead skin off, your feet are reborn just like a baby’s – giving you healthy, beautiful feet back ever. Relief from disturbing foot problems brings the feeling of the real barefoot sensation and it will remind the memory of the childhood. Let’s rediscover your feeling and sensation of the sole with Baby Foot.

Upon application, the gel turns to water and moisturizes the skin. This assists in preventing dryness of the skin during exfoliation and reduces skin sensitivity during the peeling process.

How to Use

Massage the gel into the feel until it is fully absorbed. Recommended to use during the peeling process.

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