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1. 6-in-1 Ultimate Value: Aroma effect + Dead Skin Removal + Cleanser + Massage + Sebum Removal + Moisturising

2. Immense yourself in a whole new level of sensory retreat for body massage at the comfort of your living quarters with ES+ESOPHY Scrub Salt Soap which is packed with a multitude of naturally derived nutrients - Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Potassium, etc. in addition to Sodium (Main ingredient of Salt)

3. Say NO to microplastics – Indulge in the pleasures of pure salt scrub that is free of microplastics

What you should know about ES+ESOPHY SCRUB SALT SOAP?

Zero Microplastics - Contains natural salt, a beauty ingredient used by Cleopatra

Fruit Extract Peeling Agent - pH control and circulation balance by promoting healthy skin peeling

12 Unique Ingredients - Aroma fragrances and efficacy management for all skin types

Sanitary Edible Salt - Removal of all heavy metals and impurities under the highest standardsof manufacturing principles

Natural Ingredients - Delivers nutrients to skin with naturally derived salt minerals,magnesium, calcium, zinc, iodine etc.

Credentials of Best Scrub - Osmotic pressure of salt reduces fatigue and improves physical condition.ES+ESOPHY Scrub Salt Soap is effective in removing waste, swelling and isideal for daily bath!

100% Purity - Derived by the highest standards of manufacturing principles in seawaterconcentration method to refine salt, which completely removes allimpurities and heavy metals


Relaxing Foot Massage- Pamper yourself in professional foot care at the comfort of your home bymassaging with ES+ESOPHY Scrub Salt Soap. It promotes exfoliation andhelps recovery from fatigue. Take a warm foot bath – No rinsing isrequired!

Full Body Bath Cleansing - Feel the osmotic effect of salt as it scrubs and cleans skin thoroughly.

2. Aloe Vera- Perfect Oil moisture level- Skin Trouble Relied- Oily Skin Relief- Dry skin moisture supplement

3. Rose (Sweet Scent)- Luxurious Rose Scent- Sebum Exfloliation- Prevence Rose Flower Extract

4. Lavender - Mineral Ingredient Skin Peeling Effect- Aroma Oil