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Moroccan lava clay production + Vitamin C derivative (product antioxidant) + component complexes, fade spots and blackheads, removal of ageing skin.
The rough cuticle thickest part of the elbows, knees, heels and other key use for back, buttocks, upper arm and other parts of the whitening effect is obvious.
Gommage (white clay) smoothly sloughs off dead skin and the built-up melanin that causes sun/age spots and darkened areas.

Recommended for ashy elbows, knees, and heels as well as for the rough skin on backs, buttocks, upper arms, etc.
Brightens skin with Vitamin C derivatives, mulberry extract, and bearberry extract!
The lovely scent of grapefruit will flood your shower!

【Instructions】1-2 times a week, using a scrub bath after extrusion. As a small palm, slowly add a little water to reconcile, apply to the body, then gently massage, you will feel a lot of tiny sand-like matte roll on the skin becomes creamy scrub with rolling up the arm and other parts of the knee can focus massage. Finally, rinse the body. Elbows, knees and other parts can be a little hard massage. Other parts of the gentle spin massage. Remember, rinse after spraying on VC whitening spray, apply a layer of moisturizing lotion, the whitening effect is super obvious
Made in Japan