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Body Scrub Bar Soap (3TYPE) 500ml

-White Musk Perfume

-Fresh Ocean Perfume

This is Top selling item in Mukunghwa. This exfolitating scrub Bar soap series is multi-millions selling products in Mukunghwa.

And the italy towel is a viscose rayon material washcloth that effectively exfoliates and lifts away dead skin to reveal softer, smoother skin.

Who it's for

- Dry, flakey skin.

- Oily, combination skin.

- Bumpy ingrown hairs and blocked pores.

- All skin types - everyone needs regular exfoliation to keep their skin healthy!

Made from Extracts from Dead Sea Natural Salt and Panthenol, shatte

Shower Body Wash soap cleanses skin by exfoliating excess skin waste and is an excellent source and retention and moisturising for skin. AHA ingredients provide essential daily mild dead skin care by repairing and regenerating new skin cells. A Hypoallergenic Body wash tested and certified free of 14 commonly added harmful chemicals.


Apply an appropriate amount with a sponge or shower towel. Massage onto body and skin. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and towel dry.


- The washcloth can shrink in size after being soaked in water; simply stretch lightly and reuse.

- Avoid harsh scrubbing on sensitive skin; use only very light pressure for the face, and avoid particularly delicate areas such as around the eyes and lips.