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7 pcs x 12g - Paraben-free

Akileïne Foot Bath Tablets Deo-Effervescent 7 Tablets is a fizzy aseptic treatment on a tablet form, for feet with important perspiration.

Once the tablet has been put in tepid water, the action is immediate: it sanitizes and provides aseptic properties for feet with important perspiration. Indeed, the effervescence liberates essential oils of tea three, cedar, rosemary, lavender, lemon, with sanitizing properties. The Lipesters USS, a patented active ingredient, allows to maintain the skin healthy and to prevent the apparition of mycosis.

After the bath, the skin is soft, pleasantly and discreetly perfumed.

The box contains 7 tablets in single doses, they are very practical to transport.


  • Place a tablet in 5 litres of tepid water, immediately put your feet in this to benefit from the effervescence and leave on for 10 minutes.
  • Don't rinse off, dry between the toes.
  • Use it as often as needed.


  • Fizzy antiseptic treatment for feet with important perspiration.