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10 ML



  • ONYKOLEINE Purifying Nail Solution for Hands and Toes: Weak nails require a specific supply of strengthening and nutritive elements. Onykoleine contains two patented ingredients combined with an essential oil complex to help maintain the nails natural physiology.


  • Nails with brown stains, hands and feet.

Instructions for use

  • Convenient !
  • ONYKOLEÏNE® contains a brush to make the application easier.
  • 1 thin coat a day only !


  • Everyday, paint a thin coat on each nail, using the brush.
  • Massage until completely absorbed.
  • Always apply on clean dry nail, without nail polish.
  • Use till the nail is entirely renewed (4 to 8 month on handnails, 6 to 12 month on toenails).

The nail must be perfectly clean and without nail polish. If you wish to use a polish, first, apply one ONYKOLEINE® coat onto the nail, then massage until entirely absorbed and wipe out any excess and eventually apply the polish. Renew the application each time you change polishes.