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BLACKFORET Scalp Massage Shampoo Brush

+ Makes every corner of the scalp cool and refreshedScalp deep cleansing
Shampoo neatly and refreshingly with the scalp massage brush!
Why does my scalp feel stuffy and itchy even though I shampoo every day?

1. This is because the scalp waste was not properly cleaned.
2. Shampoo habits that deteriorate your scalp health without your knowledge!n

-Habit of rubbing and washing the scalp too much-Scalp irritation and damage caused by long nails

Shampoo residue, waste, dead skin cells/sebum removalDeep cleansing effect
Hypoallergenic cleaning of the scalp using pure silicone
Comfortable grip in the hand thanks to ergonomic design
Sillicone applicator
Protect your scalp health not only with deep cleansing but also with a gentle scalp massage.
Standing type allows for clean storage anywhere in the bathroom


-Those who do not feel refreshed even after shampooing every day
-Those who become oilly over time even after shampooing
-Those with scalp concems such as dead skin cells, dandruff, and itchiness
-People with long nails or naill art who find it difficult to shampoo
-Those who are sensitive to scalp irritation due to frequent dyeing and perminga
-People who are concerned about odor from the top of their head even after shampooing