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300 ML

A moisture rich shampoo for healthy to dry scalp and hair. Prevents dandruff, nourishes and smoothens hair shaft.

1. Scalp scaling & Nourishing
The Ivy components activates Sebum Self Scaling Action that dissolves excessive oil on the scalp, prevents drying scalp and provides essential nutrients to the roots.

2. Dandruff prevention
Complex dandruff prevention ingredients (ZPT - Zing Pyrithione, Climbazole, Triclosan) are used to reduce the possibility of dandruff. Tea tree oil lightly cleanses dirt and dust, and effectively alleviates skin disorders.

3. Moisturizing
7 types of vegetable disaccharide moisturizing components and trehalose components have long-lasting moisturizing effect to retain moisture even when humidity is low.

[How to Use]
Soak the hair and apply appropriate amount of tonic to the scalp and hair directly. Then massage the scalp for 2-3 minutes with fingertips. Rinse with water. For better result, repeat this procedure twice.