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115 ML

Direct Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Conditioning Treatment 115ml 100% Vegan, Not tested on Animals. Suitable for bleached or white hair. Made in Netherlands.

6 Colours available:

  • Bella Blue 115ml
  • Cynthia Cylamen 115ml
  • Sylvia Silver 115ml
  • Peggy Pink 115ml – colour visible under UV light!
  • Tammy Turquoise
  • Gilda Grey

Mix the colours to achieve your desired shade!

Colours are expected to last for 8-12 washes!


  • Balmore’s Amazing Direct Hair Colors are intense fashion colors.
  • Balmore’s Amazing Direct Hair Colours come in different colors and can be mixed together to achieve your desired shade.
  • If you want a pastel shade or to lighten the color, you can mix Balmore’s Amazing Direct Hair Colors with the Sylvia Silver shade.
  • Balmore’s Amazing Direct Hair colours are ready to use.
  • Do not mix with hydrogen peroxide.
  • The best results are obtained with porous hair, by applying a blonde rinse or bleach.
  • Do not use conditioner or conditioning shampoo before the colour treatment.
  • Bleach the hair to at least a light blonde color with Balmore Bleaching powder and peroxide.
  • Rinse/Wash out the bleach carefully before towel-drying the hair.
  • Carefully apply an adequate amount of Balmore’s Amazing Direct Hair Colors to dry hair with a colour brush to avoid staining.
  • Allow to absorb for 15-40 minutes before carefully rinsing it out using warm water.


  • Wear gloves when applying bleach. Avoid contact with the skin. Moisturise the scalp using cream or skin oil. Do not use to dye eyelashes or eyebrows.