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Hey Vegan See: Real Bubble Hair Color is an organic and vegan hair color that offers gentle and safe coloring without the use of harmful chemicals. #Rose Brown is a delicate and romantic shade of pink-brown that adds warmth and an intriguing play of colors to your hair. This shade is ideal for those who want to add softness and femininity to their hairstyle. Hey Vegan See: Real Bubble Hair Color coats hair evenly for superior coverage and rich color. The foam formula makes color easy to apply, preventing spills and keeping your job clean Hey Vegan See: Real Bubble Hair Color is formulated using only natural botanical ingredients such as plant extracts and natural oils. It is free of ammonia, parabens and other harmful chemical additives, making it safe for skin and hair. The results of using Hey Vegan See: Real Bubble Hair Color are impressive

the hair takes on a luxurious shade of pink-brown, creating a romantic and sophisticated look. In addition, this dye also cares for your hair, making it soft, moisturized and shiny. 

Directions for use: See each product from this set