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Richenna gray hair cover mascara - 1+1; 14ml + 14ml

Special Features:

  • the mascara type makes gray hair covering easily and quickly.
  • the advanced waterproof formula prevents it from smudging and running.
  • the advanced formula with henna extract maintains your hair healthy.
  • the enriched formula with panthenol and glycerin protects your hair from intense heat exposure.
  • when you apply mascara to gray hair repeatedly, it gives hair color coating effect.

How To Use:

  • 1. apply mascara to gray hair and repeat it until gray hair is covered perfectly.
  • 2. leave on for around 30 to 60 seconds until it dries completely.
  • before sleeping please do not shampoo: to do so it may cause stain and smear in your pillow or clothes.
  • apply to dry hair.

This kit contains:

  • 1 mascara for covering gray hair, 14ml
  • 1 mascara for refill, 14ml
  • Instruction paper.