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210 ML

Special Features

1. The advanced formula with high concentration of oriental herbs (rhubard, tropaeolum, viticis frutus, gigas nakai) keeps your scalp healthy and clean 
2. Herb extract take care health & clean scalp condition
3. Thanks to the potent fungicide property of henna extracts, it controls the sebum genration, keeping the scalp healthy
4. Nutrition and vitamin B6 effect - penetrates into cuticle as a hair nutrient to nourish your fine and damaged hair and scalp
5. Ginseng, ginger and gigas nakai stimulate the circulation of blood and help to restore scalp health
6. Prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth

* 8 kinds of oriental herb (Henna extracts, ginseng, ginger, Ligusticum Licorice, etc..)



  • Spray proper amount of this product ensuring even distribution and massage the scalp with the fingers.
  • Hold the tip directly to the scalp before pumping
  • Use constantly, at least twice a day, in the morning and night