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1. Bubble Therapy Argan Shampoo

2. Bubble Therapy Jojoba Shampoo


1. Bubble Therapy Argan Treatment

2. Bubble Therapy Jojoba Treatment

What is Bubble Therapy?

It is a scalp care line that can easily create fine and rich bubbles with a small amount, and can thoroughly cleanse foreign substances accumulated on the scalp.

• Hydration & Nutrition

• Oil-Moisture balance

• Pore Cleaning

• Moist and flexible hair

• Prevents hair moisture and oil destruction

• Scalp & Hair Damage Protection

Recommend to>>

I. -Those whose hair easily oily and does not foam well

II. -Those who want to keep their scalp clean

III. -Those who have weakened and damaged hair due to

IV. frequent perming and dyeing

V. -Those who want make their hair shiny and smooth

How to use

Take an appropriate amount on your hands and lather, then gently massage the scalp and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water