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Labay Pro Nature Shampoo


1500 ML

Negative effects of the environment (prolonged exposure to the sun or exposure to low temperatures, cigarette smoke, atmospheric pollution, etc.), regular hair dyeing, hair styling with a hairdryer or straightening with an iron cause the hair structure to break, they lose elasticity, become dry, brittle, split ends appear.

Since hair is almost 90% composed of keratin, keratin preparations can significantly reduce the severity of these phenomena and even completely eliminate problems.

The shampoo contains hydrolyzed keratin, which restores damaged areas , "building up" to a normal, natural state, prevents delamination and brittle hair. In addition, keratin has the ability to retain moisture, preventing dehydration of the hair.

Thanks to keratin, the keratinized cells that make up the outer layer of the hair “smooth”, tightly adjoin each other, gently overlap - as a result, the hair becomes smooth, shiny, soft and silky, visually more voluminous.

Also hydrolyzed keratin reduces negative impact on hair coloring and lightening agents , perm and devices for styling or straightening hair (hair dryers, curling irons, hair iron).