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320 ML

Dandruff clinic line

  • Only to remove harmful dandruff bacillus in the scalp dandruff scalp and hair type
  • All dead skin cell, dandruff and dirt care shampoo
  • Reduce itchiness , do not include scrub products
  • Only in harmful scalp dandruff bacillus removed without resistance, excellent sustainability
  • dry and dandruff / dead skin care shampoo
  • "Experts recommend organic therapy for you" ORZEN Clinic
  • Organic and Zone is a synthetic language "ORZEN"
  • It was created in a safe and effective organic raw materials and [LG H&H] of technology - High quality professional products

* It is safe
* Natural organic raw materials used that was observed from a certificate authority in the world
* Easy
* Immediately can be utilized, easy and convenient scalp manual
* (One-step peeling cut & Organic peeling clinic)
* Effective
* Each line by function raw materials blended (patents and clinical complete)
* [LG H&H] high quality professional products made in the technology of