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Using ZAB's Hair Volume Spray is perfect for thin colored hair and will give your hair a breathtaking amount of volume.

Finely dispersed spray provides uniform coverage in the form of the thinnest veil, dries quickly, without sticking or weighing curls. The spray is able to help in creating a mobile natural styling. Causes no difficulty in rinsing.

The tool perfectly fixes the hair, guaranteeing durability for the whole day, even in adverse conditions. Envelops the hair cuticle with a protective film, protecting it from various kinds of damage to which the hair is exposed. From ultraviolet, in particular.

Glycerin in the composition of the product moisturizes the hair, making it supple, elastic and shiny. Cranberry berry extract provides antioxidant protection due to its content of tannins.

How to use : before use, shake the bottle thoroughly, spray the spray on the hair, modeling the desired volume and shape.