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50 ML

- Immediately brightens skin but still does not naturally cause whitening and uneven color
- Improve dry skin condition due to lack of water
- Replace primer
- Create plump, shiny skin effect with natural pearl powder course
- Improves the problem of enlarged pores. To your background layer is most perfect.

- Light, light cream that absorbs quickly, absolutely no stagnation in wrinkle areas such as nose wings, puffiness
- Can be used for the whole body
- Does not cause greasy but still moisturizes the skin

Yogurt extract with optimal moisturizing ability. Delivers smooth, moist skin and minimizes the tone of the foundation.
Pearl Powder extract creates a very attractive stretch effect without having to use Highlighter.
User manual:
Use as a primer before foundation foundation or you can mix with foundation to create a shiny skin effect.

For acne-prone skin, you can also use her as a makeup cream. Just safe and perfect skin tone. Super suitable for those girls who are irritated by acne and are afraid of makeup.
Or girls who want to make-up dew like Korean beauties. It is also possible to use her at the final step in the Skin-care cycle.