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40 ML | All Skin Types

This is a brand new anti-aging skin and friendly foundation cream developed by adopting Korean sophisticated technique and containing anti-aging active in ingredient OPC refined through nano-technology that it can nourish deep skin and effectively remove tiny wrinkles. The latest pearl crystal system is able to make smooth and fine powder particles applied to face and thus create a natural make-up as tender as fresh fruits The smooth and light quality product, not blocking the breathing of skin, can balance oil- water balance for skin, that makes your skin as smooth as silk at the same time when realising perfect make-up.


  • Witch hazel extract / Hyaluronic acid sodium / Plant squalane

Product Features

  • Combats dull skin & yellowness for an instant luminous glow 

  • Contains duo UV filters to block out harmful UV rays and shielding skin from its ageing effects 

  • Protect skin against environmental pollutants that causes skin ageing and dullness 

  • Instantly conceals and corrects imperfections such as dark spots and blemishes 

  •  Nourish and hydrate skin  

How To Use

  • Apply before your makeup for a flawless and more long-lasting effect.