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Shower Mate Flower Perfume Yellow is a moisturizing gel base, which is composed of flowers, soft cleansing, with a luxurious fragrance of freesia and jasmine, as well as chamomile extract, helps improve the skin. It is ideal for both morning and evening use. The gel helps to achieve a mild disinfecting and healing effect, restoring the skin's hydrolipidic balance, gently cares for sensitive areas of the body. Cleanses the skin of impurities, provides a gentle peeling, exfoliates dead skin cells, making the skin incredibly smooth and soft. Freesia extract has an exceptional moisturising effect, deeply saturating cells with moisture and helping them retain it. It has a skin-neutral pH level and contains no parabens, animal extracts, mineral oils, triethanolamine, benzophenone. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Shower Mate Flower Perfume Purple is a lavender shower gel is suitable for all skin types, which has a soothing and relaxing effect. Lilac extract, which moisturizes and catifies the skin. The gentle foam gently cleanses the skin of any impurities, renewing the skin cells. Formula 5 FREE without dangerous ingredients: parabens, animal ingredients, mineral oils, triethanolamine, benzophenone. Has a delicate floral fragrance.

Shower Mate Flower Perfume Pink is a moisturizing gel with damask rose and cherry blossom extract designed for gentle cleansing, high quality care, deep moisturizing, soothing and improving skin condition. A wonderful floral composition that effectively moisturises the skin, restoring a healthy, glowing appearance. Thanks to the Damask rose extract content, the gel perfectly saturates the skin with moisture, soothes, softens. The presence of cherry petals in the composition has a toning effect on the skin, helps it become smooth, silky and fills it with vitality and energy. The rose hydrates and soothes the skin. Cherry makes the skin smooth and supple. The luxurious fragrance of rose and the subtle scent of cherry blossom create a romantic mood. Suitable for all skin types.