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Seruzad Moisture Up Essence E1



Cosmeceutical solution of feel like serum. 
smoothly and established a skin poke and dried to Gois, you moisturize. 
The eyes, mouth to be worried about, please use plenty of us. 
※ such as heel or elbow, you can also use your body.

Product information

•  medicated beauty cosmetic liquid 
•  quasi drug 
•   Unscented 
•   uncolored 
•   capacity: 55 mL 
•   active ingredient: Vitamin E derivative (tocopherol acetate), Karubekisoron 2Na 
•  moisturizing ingredients: sodium hyaluronate (2), yeast extract (1) , mulberry bark extract, fermented soybean extract (natto extract)


<Active ingredient> tocopherol acetate, carbenoxolone 2Na <Other Components> sodium hyaluronate (2), mulberry bark extract, yeast extract (1), natto extract, BG, DL-PCA · Na solution, citric acid Na, POE hydrogenated castor oil, hydroxyethyl cellulose, xanthan gum, EDTA-4Na, purified water, ethanol, phenoxyethanol

Product Features

Yeast extract keep the freshness
and contains the amino acids, etc., you can smoothly trimmed your skin.

Hyaluronic acid deliver moisture
to keep fresh the skin is one of the NMF that holds the key of moisture.

Prepare the turnover rhythm
penetrate to the stratum corneum, and prepares your skin firm.

Morning: Cleansing → ​​medicated cosmetic liquid → medicinal milky beauty essence → base → ​​makeup

Night: Makeup Remover → cleansing → ​​medicated cosmetic liquid → medicinal milky beauty essence → medicated beauty cream