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Cleansing dermatological foam for problem skin Enprani Dr.hillda d-tox purifying blemish solution foam 200 ml description

Effect :

Cleanses, Heals

Skin type:

Problematic, Fatty

Age :

From 16 years and older

Directions for use : foam in palms with a small amount of water. Spreads over the face with massaging movements. Washed off. The foam has enhanced dermatological properties. Actively fights acne and acne. Counteracts irritations. Relieves inflammation. Disinfects and dries the skin. Accelerates wound healing. Prevents the development of skin diseases. Produces deep hydration, gently cleanses pores, and normalizes sebaceous secretions. Gives freshness and health.

Enprani Dr.hillda d-tox purifying blemish solution foam contains:

  • Detoxin – contains a lot of natural vitamins. Activates metabolic and recovery processes. Restores immunity. It has powerful antioxidant properties, removes free radicals, and eliminates toxins. Effectively resists dermatological diseases, removes tumors, relieves swelling;
  • Plant extracts – moisturize. Saturate tissues with nutrients. Stimulates collagen production. Accelerate the restoration of the skin. They calm you down.