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300 ML - Suitable for Face & Body, For Sensitive and Dry Skin Types

A “Dermatologist Tested” Product Hypoallergenic Sub acid Cleanser

  • Functions: Comfortable, soothing cleanser even though for the sensitive skin
  • Containing Portulaca Oleracea L . and Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract which are good at soothing and relieving skin to calm sensitive skin such as atopy and аспе. Mild sub acid cleanser with the same PH as healthy skin
  • Subacid cleanser helps to balancing the skin PH to strength the skin protective and cleanse the skin mildly
  • Certified as a safe product through dermatologist test
  • Excludes sulfates and paraben , and certified hypoallergenic through the clinical test. Therefore, sensitive skin can be able to use the product safely without stimulus.