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150 ML

For Dry and Sensitive Skin Types, Two - In - One Solution For Skin Toner And Lotion

A "Dermatologist Tested" Product Excellent removal of microflora & fine dust. Enhances Filaggrin & strengthens skin barrier. Functions Skin repairing effects with Nano Collagen's rich nutrition.

  • By containing Nano Collagen, which is excellent by absorbing into human body, it delivers rich nutrition and vitality energy to skin and provides skin repairing effects. Strengthens skin barrier by containing Ceramide. 
  • Ceramide, which is similar to the skin, strengthens skin barrier to make skin firm and healthy. In addition, it contains Rose Flower Oil, common purslane (Portulaca Olerecea) extract and Green Tea Extract which moisturizes rough and dry skin. Maintains moisturizing effects after 8 hours without dryness.
  • By maintaining skin moisture for a long time, it changes the skin to shiny. 

Instructions for use:

  • After facial wash, take moderate amount on hand or on cotton and apply it on face and neck and let it be absorbed.