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Zenco Hair Colour 400ML

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Zenco Hair Colour-In is a new generation hair dye compromising of nanosequestration which is a type of new technology that allows the solution to be easily absorbed and lasting hair colour that creates long lasting colour. It contains herbal remedies and olives which helps to cleanse, protect and colour your hair healthily and effectively without any unpleasant odor. Leaving your hair more manageable and smoother after usage.

Benefits of herbal extract:
* Lesser chemical
* More vibrant colour
* Shinier & healthier hair
* Prevent dryness

Directions: Put on given gloves. Slightly wet your hair. Press mixture into a bowl then mix evenly. Apply mixture onto hair and massage thoroughly like how you shampoo your hair. Wait for 10 mins to 30mins (depending on how dark you desire, the longer the darker shade you will achieve). Rinse. You can use your own shampoo or hair conditioner after use